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DrageEngineAnalyzer - Program

Its a selfmade program for viewing realtime data from the Me7 logger. The Me7 Logger program is running in the background, while Im reading data from the log-file.

If youre already know how Me7 works, this is pretty easy to setup.
If youre new to Me7, you need to setup Me7 before installing my program. Read my Me7 tabpage for more info.

My program works only on Windows operatin systems, that a look att my tabpage (requirements, install and setup) for installing.

Release notes:

December 9th 2020 - NEW
  • Bugfix TunerSessions module

    December 8th 2020 - NEW
  • Enabled sound level adjustment for alarms
  • Bugfix for graph 'Restart'

    December 6th 2020 - NEW
  • Enabled playback feature for regular license key
  • Added some ME7 utils features for regular license key
  • Added advanced playback mode (w sessions) for professional license key
  • Added more variables to my logging

    June 6th 2020
  • Added modellert Precat EGT and modellert Cat EGT)
  • Pull timer: you can change top range RPM between 6500 and 7000
  • Fixed bugfix for the pull Timer(2 columns were switched)

    Mars 22th 2020
  • Added adjustable 'Step' for the Y-axis (graph module)

    Mars 21th 2020
  • Added adjustable Y-axis for the graph module
  • Added setting for skipping boostpeak when relasing the throttle
  • Fixed better default values when starting the program for the first time

    February 26th 2020
  • Fixed default alarm values

  • Showing realtime in RS4 style - BiTurbo mode

    Showing realtime in RS4 style - SingleTurbo mode

    Showing realtime for the variables that are in use

    Im just an car enthusiast that wanted to see all the ECU data realtime, ended up creating my own pogram :)
    Web-desiger: Robert Drage
    Email: robert.drage@gmail.com