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Downloading DrageEngineAnalyzer

You can download DrageEngineAnalyzer --CLICK HERE--
DrageEngineAnalyzer.exe is created for a specifix resolution 800x600
DrageEngineAnalyzerHD.exe is created for HD resolution

Requires .NET Frameword 4.6.1, --Can be downloaded here--

File DrageEngineAnalyzer.zip should contains these files below. Unzip to the same folder you have ME7 installed. In my case its 'D:\Me7 Logger\'
  • DrageEngineAnalyzer.exe
  • DrageEngineAnalyzerHD.exe
  • AlarmCritical.wav
  • AlarmHigh.wav
  • AlarmWarning.wav
  • Bornander UI ScrollBar (Desktop).dll
  • DrageEngineAnalyzerCommon.dll
  • LiveCharts.dll
  • LiveCharts.Geared.dll
  • LiveCharts.WinForms.dll
  • LiveLiveCharts.Wpf.dll

    PS! The other files in the image, its ME7Logger spesific files/folders.

  • You dont have 'Me7 Logger'? You can download ME7 here. But you still need to setup ME7 for your ECU.
    FTDI drivers (D2XX), you can download Here

    DrageME7Util - A utility program for for Me7

  • ECU/CFGl - A program for generating .ecu/.cfg files from a BIN file
  • Checksum - Doing checksum for your BIN file (Remember to download me7sum.exe, put it in the BIN folder of Me7)

    --Download DrageMe7Utility here--
    --Download me7sum.exe here e--

  • Im just an car enthusiast that wanted to see all the ECU data realtime, ended up creating my own pogram :)
    Web-desiger: Robert Drage
    Email: robert.drage@gmail.com