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Install and setup of the program

How to setup the program:

  • Remember, you need to have Me7 logger installed on your computer.
  • Go to your Me7 Logger path. Where du have installed your ME7 program. F.eks c:\Me7Logger.
  • Just unzip the DrageEngineAnalyzer.zip file into that folder. Its very important that my program is placed on the same directory as the ME7.
    Just look for 'ME7Logger_GUI.exe'. In that folder, you should se my file 'DrageEngineAnalyzer.exe' in the same folder
  • Make sure that you have unzipped all the files. You should see the following files in the Me7 folder.
    - DrageEngineAnalyzer.exe
    - DrageEngineAnalyzerHD.exe
    - Bornander UI ScrollBar (Desktop).dll
    - AlarmCritical.wav
    - AlarmHigh.wav
    - AlarmWarning.wav
    - LiveCharts.dll
    - LiveCharts.Geared.dll
    - LiveCharts.WinForms.dll
    - LiveCharts.Wpf.dll
  • You are starting the program by double-click on the 'DrageEngineAnalyzer.exe' or 'DrageEngineAnalyzerHD.exe' file

  • Im just an car enthusiast that wanted to see all the ECU data realtime, ended up creating my own pogram :)
    Web-desiger: Robert Drage
    Email: robert.drage@gmail.com