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Video clips showing how the program works (these videos are abit outdated)

Video 1: Running Me7 in the background, while showing alarms on the screen

Video 2: Showing how to do playback for a logfile (me7)

Video 3: Showing how to show AFR as calculated lambda.

Video 4: New realtime Graph module

Video 5: Running Me7 in the background, while showing realtime data on the screen

Video 6: Showing how the graph and alarm module is working

Video 7: Pulling (2 times) 2nd-3rd gear on my RS4 (with sound inside car)

Video 8: Doing a speed-test in my car. (Simulated values)

Video 9: Shows how to change the theme/skins/layout setup in the program

Im just an car enthusiast that wanted to see all the ECU data realtime, ended up creating my own pogram :)
Web-desiger: Robert Drage
Email: robert.drage@gmail.com