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DrageEngineAnalyzer - Release notes

Release notes:

June 6th 2020 - NEW
  • Added modellert Precat EGT and modellert Cat EGT)
  • Pull timer: you can change top range RPM between 6500 and 7000
  • Fixed bugfix for the pull Timer(2 columns were switched)

    Mars 22th 2020
  • Added adjustable 'Step' for the Y-axis (graph module)

    Mars 21th 2020
  • Added adjustable Y-axis for the graph module
  • Added setting for skipping boostpeak when relasing the throttle
  • Fixed better default values when starting the program for the first time

    February 26th 2020
  • Fixed default alarm values

    February 22th 2020
  • Added Nm and Hp on dashboard
  • Better startup of Me7 (error handling)
  • Added default activation for graph-variables

    December 21th 2019
  • Added calculated AFR (from lambda)

    December 8th 2019
  • New module for machine/license keys. Email me for your new license key !

    November 29th 2019
  • Added Single-turbo dashboard for 800x600 version

    November 22th 2019
  • Added Single-turbo dashboard for HD version

    November 20th 2019
  • Minor fixes

    November 14th 2019
  • Added new graph module.
  • Added HD version of the program.
  • Added alarms on the RS4look tabpage.
  • Enable more features.

    Octorber 7th 2018
  • Added 'popup' as alarms in the program.

    October 3th 2018
  • Release the program in 2 version, with and without licensekey. Contact me for getting a license key.

  • Im just an car enthusiast that wanted to see all the ECU data realtime, ended up creating my own pogram :)
    Web-desiger: Robert Drage
    Email: robert.drage@gmail.com